Sanity vs. Sanitary


Conversations with Matt. Now before we get started, I mentioned I’m OCD, so sanitary and clean are the same thing in my mind. Once I get cleaning everything has to be bleached. I can’t just stop at picking up and say this is good enough. Oh no no! So here is our conversation.

Me: I’m trying to figure out which is more important, sanity or sanitary?

Matt: What do you mean? I think both are a little equal.

Me: I mean just what I said, is it more is my sanity more important than my house being sanitary or vice versa?

Matt: Well one feed off the other but then with Reece (our 2 year old) it is hard to say.

Me: Excuse all the typos and incoherent jargon in that text and decipher that as: Is my sanity more important than the house being sanitary or vice versa?

Me: Exactly! It’s a hard call so I’ll just keep mulling it over for a bit before deciding. Let’s also consider my sanity has always been in question so why is it so important now?

Matt: Just walk in McKenzie’s (our 12 year old) bathroom and see how you feel. That may answer it.

Me: I may also need to call in back up and use my phone-a-friend option.

Matt: Who is your phone-a-friend?

Me: Manda, her sanity is mostly in question too, so it evens out the playing field.

Matt: Nice dear. (His general response which means I’m being ridiculous)

Me: True story.


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