Hospital scented


It has been a rough couple of days. We moved! We decided that renting wasn’t working out anymore and bought a house. Moving is the absolute pits, but will hopefully be worth it in the end.

As I was cleaning out the rental house today I got to thinking about candles… At the time I was cleaning out the refrigerator with bleach when the brilliance hit. Why are there no hospital scented candles? I love nothing more than the clean and sanitary smell of a hospital. The bleach smell. I really think there should be a candle called “hospital smell”. I mean why not? Who wouldn’t love a candle that smells like the hospital?

Also I should never be trusted to clean the fridge. I have to completely disassemble the entire interior to feel like it has been cleaned. That being said the last time, when we were moving out of our house in Germany, I broke the damned fridge. The day before our inspection to move out I BROKE the damned shelf in the fridge. Not good.

This time thankfully Matt stayed near to monitor me not to break this one and only clean it. He took all the pieces out and put them back in after I had thoroughly OCD cleaned the whole thing, with bleach. Have I mentioned I LOVE bleach?


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