Low Class Fancy


Interesting chats with Matt:

On the way to the lawyers office to sign for our new house we passed by a bunch of trailers and trailer parks. Hey, we live in south Georgia and that should explain it all, and no we didn’t buy a trailer, it’s a real house without wheels underneath.Matt was the driver, as always, so I had the pleasure of looking out the window and thinking about these trailers and the fact that I truly don’t like Georgia.

After a few minutes, I turned to Matt and told him I thought we might be making a mistake in buying our house. He was not pleased, since we were already half way to the lawyers office which is about an hour away from where we live. Then he gave me the what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about look.

I told him that we should probably buy a double wide trailer instead. This way we would not only fit in, but then we could be the snobby rich neighbors. We could be all snooty and stuck up and feel like the royalty of the trailer park with our cool cars, well dressed children, and an above ground pool around the back. We could be living high on the horse and everyone would be jealous. Instead of buying our fancy house and being the poor couple in the neighborhood, because lets face it, we aren’t rich or famous, so in this nice house we are pretty much low class fancy.

If I lived in the trailer park and talked like an educated sailor nobody would think twice about it. Here the PTA moms look at me with jaws dropped and can’t believe I would say half the shit I do say. They really need to get over it and grow up. I am an adult and am allowed to talk like one. My parents informed me I was allowed to curse after I turned 18, and that was a year or two ago, so my language is fine.

Matt again is just looking at me and probably wondering if I am done making my point and tells me that we will be fine, I have some good points, but not all of our stuff will fit in a double wide. I had to stop and think. Should we have a giant yard sale? Donate a lot of stuff? Just leave our stuff in the rental house? or should we buy the new house and suck it up that we wouldn’t be the cool popular kids?

Then we got to the lawyers while I was still debating and Matt signed the papers, sealing the deal on our fate…no double wide high class living for this girl.


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