Where the hell do people put their clutter? I am having issues. I feel like I should just throw everything away so that there is no clutter or stuff in my house but the bare minimum. I mean truly where the hell do people put all their stuff in these houses that there is no clutter or small bits of stuff like wooden statutes from Africa?

I am fluctuating between a minimalist house with nothing or trying to figure out how to decorate…which is not something I am equipped with. Give me a picture and I can recreate it, but just give me an empty house and I got nothing.

I have bad genes. I was not given the ones that would be highly useful right now. I also cannot party plan to save my good name, not saying my name is completely good, but its good enough to need saving.

Not sure what to do with this house now that I have it….the trailer idea may have truly been better because then no one would have cared.


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