This is my story!


There is always one Negative Nancy in every group. I absolutely loathe when I’m on a tirade about something, and being hysterical (hysterical funny, not hysterical crazy), that someone has to pipe in and say that I’m looking at it all wrong. This is the point where I’m like “hey, shut up, this is my story!” so stay the fuck of out it! No one wants your input and my views are much better than your intrusions with the so called facts. You don’t know me!

At this point make sure you go onto your Facebook and make sure you delete that asshole from your friends list so the next time you go on a tirade they can’t ruin your awesomeness. Delete, delete, delete.

How to Blog


Honestly I have no idea how to blog at all. I decided I would get a blog for no particular reason but to write down all the rambling that goes on in my head. I am not a writer, as in I don’t write novels, not as in I don’t ever write because apparently I do. I just refuse to write via pen and paper and prefer to type. That being said, I’m Racheal and welcome to my blog.