FYSA – For Your Situational Awareness. My husband uses this term constantly and I always have to ask him to tell me again what FYSA means. I’m an FYI girl, but hey, what ever floats your boat, right?

Now to my FYSA, you will probably need to jot this down. DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, trust any person who’s house constantly smells like cinnamon! Again, DO NOT TRUST THEM. You probably shouldn’t turn your back on them or piss them off either.

Why? Because they are probably the murdery type! No one on this planet uses that strong of a smell in their house consistently unless they have something to hide. RUN my friends. They either have a body somewhere in the house rotting, or they have some other dirty little secret that you don’t want to know about.

Write that down, seriously save that shit in the memory bank. I don’t want to read about any of you in the news, this is a safety precaution.

Matt says that’s a ridiculous assumption as plenty of people like the smell of cinnamon, but I’m not sure he can be trusted on this. I mean he put 2 blocks of evergreen smell in the scent warmer thingy AFTER Christmas. Let me tell you, that shit was so strong you could damn well taste it. BLEH. Only one block honey, only one. And never ever use the evergreen smell again, especially not after Christmas! Apparently he can’t be trusted with smells or in the cases of smells associated with hiding dead bodies in the house.

So, take it from me, trust no one with a cinnamon scented house! or one with 2 blocks of evergreen in the scent warmer cause you’ll want to vomit.


10 thoughts on “FYSA

  1. Hey! Guess what and don’t hate me!? I had to nominate some new bloggy folks for The Liebster Award and since you are hilarious, I thought of you! In any case, I linked to your blog, so let me know if you’re not interested, and I will totally take it down.

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    • Lol, it’s all good, pass that hot potato! I plan to start working on these questions as soon as I have a free minute cause this shit might take some serious thinking! Thank you so much for the honor. I am baffled to even be selected, but appreciative nonetheless.


  2. I already have a problem with people who like the evergreen-y smell. It’s like those cloying pine trees people put in their car. It smells like Pine Sol, and therefore like mop. Why you gotta smell like mop? What funk are you trying to hide?

    Very few smells affect me so negatively as these two, so it is funny you grouped them. Cinnamon is the devil. Cinnamon BURNS. I can’t even eat Big Red gum without breaking out in dozens of sores inside my mouth. Eating cinnamon makes my mouth feel like I gargled with poison ivy.

    Evergreen = mop and Cinnamon = Hell’s Fire. Nice people want to smell like vanilla and lavender and shit.


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