50 Flavors of Floor


This week has been one for the books people! It’s not over yet, but damn I think I need a time out. For those who are having a great week, I am not liking you right now.

I have let everything go while I have been plodding away on all this homework. My house is a disaster, but my floors are delicious. I guaran-damn-tee you that my floors are the tastiest in the neighborhood. No, it does not in any way matter that there are only four families in my neighborhood. Mine are the most delicious!


If you have a toddler, you too could have delicious floors…or maybe you already do. This weeks floor flavors are as follows:

Kitchen between the sink and refrigerator – Coffee with a hint of hazelnut creamer

Kitchen near the back porch door – Popcorn

Right in the arch between the dining room and living room – Coconut milkshake

Living room near the chaise lounge part of the couch – Mandarin oranges

Living room rug – Hot dog and mixed fruit cup

My bedroom rug – Tortilla chips (dip not included)

These are the flavors I remember and have witnessed being applied to the flooring. There may be some surprise flavors! You could literally crawl around the house and taste the variety of my delicious floors. My house is like Baskin Robbins sans ice cream. Fifty flavors of floor.

I may quarantine off sections of the floor and label them according to flavor. This way everyone can enjoy the floors. Something like this, with a “menu” of the area.

That’s right, it’s getting classy now! Have to have menus, but no napkins will be provided! Maybe I’ll make a little floor schematic like they have at IKEA which labels the floor flavors as you pass each zone! If I do I will update this posting and show y’all.




12 thoughts on “50 Flavors of Floor

  1. Oh man, I don’t even have a toddler anymore but my floors are still teeming with flavors. We are a messy bunch and/or I am a crappy housefrau. As for my favorite food, I mentioned on Twitter than it’s pizza followed closely by birthday cake. Like GOOD cake from a real bakery or homemade. Mmmmm….cake. Dammit, now I want cake. And pizza. And a donut. This is all your fault Racheal. 😉

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  2. Laura - CaledonAcres

    hahhahaha meh there’s always next week 😉

    ((coffee with a hint of hazelnut creamer sounds great! I’ll be in that area of the kitchen 😉 ))


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