Security Camera Stalker



When one has a security camera installed in the house they should remember that their husband may log in to watch at any given moment. Matt has been gone for almost 3 weeks and apparently TDY’s are extremely boring so he likes to watch us doing stuff here in the house. He is like a high tech Peeping Tom.

Matt likes to randomly text while he watches us saying things like “Wash them dishes good”, “Why aren’t you working on your school work? You can’t be doing that from the back porch”,  and “Why is our son sitting on the kitchen island?”. I mean who wouldn’t want to sit on the kitchen island? And why the hell are you asking me what he’s doing up there? I might need to get the little guy his own phone so Matt can ask him why he’s sitting up there, or maybe we should be happy he is sitting and not standing or dancing. Did you think of that Matt?

Our security camera can be watched through our cell phones and tablets, yes, there is an app for that. I never know if he is watching or not at any given moment, which is a little creepy sometimes. I mean, I don’t have anything to hide, but damn who knows what I’m doing? I may have to step up my game to keep him entertained.

Talking about Matt, he is actually on his way home! I couldn’t be more excited and thankfully he can stop watching me on that damned camera. Instead he can just comment in person instead of trying to scare the life out of me with those stalkery texts. I think I should text him one some day when he’s home, “It puts the lotion on its skin” and see if he will do it. This could be a fun game, like Simon Says on camera! Stalker Simon Says.

FYI – Spellcheck says stalkery is not a word, when it totally is. You can also use stalkerish but it’s also not a word according to spellcheck and not as fun as stalkery.


6 thoughts on “Security Camera Stalker

  1. Laura - CaledonAcres

    We had a camera up in the house and used to login to it ONLY when way from home to spy on our cats… I think it would creep me out too to know someone is always watching lol

    My spouse works for an IT company, and he regularly has to login to the camera system. Well, he does that after hours too, while on the couch and nothing good is playing on TV… One time a few guys organized “poker night” at the office and he logged in and started texting some guys what cards the others have. Not the truth, of course! because the camera couldn’t zoom in that much. It was fun to watch them get nervous and edgy, or happy and smiling, but really trying to maintain a poker face. Too bad there was no audio lol

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  2. I have to say that camera would freak me out! 🙂 It almost sounds like The Truman Show–have you seen that movie? I would be constantly aware of what I’m doing. But, on the other hand, it must be fun for you husband to get a glimpse of life at home while he’s out on TDY. My husband thinks there’s only ONE “right way” to do things, whereas I think there are at least ten “right ways” to do something. So, i could see him leaving me all kinds of texts about how I loaded the dishwasher or where I put things when cleaning. The camera would end up smashed somewhere on the floor. 🙂

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