Failing the Right Way


Hi y’all!

Something truly inspiring happened the other day. Okay well inspiring is subjective, let’s just say it inspired this blog posting since it probably wouldn’t inspire much else. I called my Uncle and he said the most interesting thing to me after discussing how nursing school has been going. He said “Racheal, I don’t think you know how to fail”. Now that is absolutely though provoking!

What does that even mean? Is there a guide book on how to successfully fail? or one on how to miserably fail? How does anyone know how to fail? Do people purposefully set out to fail? Why am I not one of these people? Why do you think I don’t know how to fail when I constantly feel like a failure?

So many questions! I will tell you that I honestly don’t think I have succeeded at everything, I am sure I have failed at plenty of things. Haven’t I? I know that I am ambitious and determined. I am the rock that moss doesn’t grow on because I am constantly in motion. I know that I try my hardest at everything I do. When I set my mind on something it becomes absolute. With that being said, I know I have failed. I set my sights too high, I destroy myself to meet my goals, and sometimes I fail the people around me when trying to reach my goal.

My life has not been an accomplished one, I am not special, I have not made a difference. I am not rich, famous, or irreplaceable. I am not the perfect mother or wife. I generally feel like a failure at life, but I still love my life and accept that one person can only do so much when she is medicated. I only have so much time in a day and so much energy to give.

I asked Matt about  me not knowing how to fail and he told me it’s true. How is that even possible? Does he even know me at all? Why am I married to this man? Then he listed all the things I have done since we have been married….and when you look at it like that I have truly been a very busy girl. It was damn exhausting just listening to him list the last 5-ish years of my life. When in the hell do I sleep?

So now you’re wondering what all I have done. Well here goes, I completed 2 years of college in 11 months and 9 of those I was pregnant. I gave birth during my capstone class and was doing my school work in the hospital with a newborn. I did all of the things to get us ready and moved to Germany (it was A LOT of things). I started my own business while in Germany. I took more classes to get into this nursing program while I was still in Germany. I got into this nursing program after lots of headaches trying to meet all the deadlines and requirements. I have maintained a 4.0 up until this point.I have been a parent sometimes a single parent sometimes as a happy family. And last but not least, I got diagnosed and started getting my crazy under control even though my meds made me hate myself in the beginning. Whew, that was exhausting.

There is probably more that he said, but my brain shut off about there. Yes, Matt, I’ve done lots of shit. Does doing a lot of things mean you don’t know how to fail? Does not knowing how to fail mean you can’t fail? I would think not. Everyone is capable of failure right? Everyone fails at something I think. Even if they don’t know how.

I am a failure in many senses in my own eyes, but I think I play the game well enough that it doesn’t seem that way to others. Fake it til you make it people!

So I believe it all boils down to this. As long as you don’t fail at the big things no one will notice your failures. Even if you think you are failing maybe other people don’t. Your ideas of failure may not be equivalent to others. And if you are OCD your expectations of perfection are so high you will always feel like a failure, then your bipolar will kick in and start adding in all of the grandiose ideas and you will forget about being a failure at all because you are sure this brilliant idea will make you a best selling author who is rich and famous!!!



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    • Damn you! That’s a lot of work, and since everyone already read my other Leibster stuff I’ll just answer your questions cause I love you and your blog too!! And I’ll throw in some shameless wonderful was about you 😉


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