Blood Lube


Do not, for any reason, tell a professor that a blood thinner is blood lube. This will not bode well.

How do I know? Because I’m the one who said it. OF COURSE!!! Leave it to me to come up with some shit like that. After I said it, she looked at me and said what was that? I looked like a deer in the headlights. Then she asked me to say it again. So, of course I had to repeat my own idiocy.

Yes, Professor, I said blood lube. To which I get the look like I am retarded and she says “That’s a new one”. Please let me just die now. Let the teacher forget. I swear I am not a complete ass with no brain cells.

So again, do not use blood lube in lieu of Heparin, Coumadin, or Lovinox. It apparently is not your best option. Just sayin’.


The Hell With This Class.


Hey y’all!! It’s been awhile since I have posted anything, so here I am. Still alive. Hanging on by a thread, and sure nursing school is going to kill me! With that being said, I’ll admit that right now I am sitting in a lecture and not listening to a word of it. But I look busy!!

Points go to me for looking like I am paying attention. I have found through this first semester that lectures do not help me one single bit. I should be allowed to skip lecture and just be allowed to read the chapters, go to lab, and clinicals. But NOOOOOO for some reason I have to sit here pretending to be listening and interested…. You can imagine how difficult that is for me.

Have I mentioned the fact that every waking minute of my life is currently spent either taking care of children or studying. My favorite lines are “I can’t I’m studying”, “I’m busy studying”, “I wish I could but I need to study” and any other variation of studying you can think of. I eat, sleep, breath, etc. nursing school.

PLEASE HELP!!! Save me from this class!! I am 100% sure I can’t take any more, AND my battery on the computer is about to die!!!!

Okay, after charging when I get home I will update further on what has been going on in this crazy life.