The Pharmacy Guy


As I was sitting here all gloom and doom about the horrible weather I started recapping the week in my head. While reviewing I stumbled upon the most fucked up thing that has happened to me in the past week and thought I would share. My mind is still saying WTF?!?!?!

A little back story here. There is a guy who works in the pharmacy and I am 100% sure he hated me because I get a little crazy about my pills when I go in. He used to run into the back when he would see me coming. Then about 2 months ago his kid got put into my kids class at the school. BAM, now he wants to be nice and chat with me. Good freaking lord, make the insanity stop.

Now here is this weeks pharmacy experience. I go in to pick up prescriptions for the tiny child who has bronchitis and is pissed because he just had a breathing treatment (because breathing is  a problem without the smoking machine I am trying to hold by his face as he screams and fights me) and there is the pharmacy guy. Of course, of course, he calls me up to the counter at his spot now that we are playing nice. What is the first thing he says to me? “So, I googled you!”.

WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I think my eyes about popped out of my head when he said this. For one, this is not a good opener for any conversation. For two, you are a stalker. For three, WTF? I just stood there staring at him and I think I made him uncomfortable because then he starts babbling about how he was trying to figure out if I am a nurse, doctor, etc, and how he’s not a stalker. AGAIN, WTF?

Still, I am just staring at him at a total loss for words. Then, Then he says he saw I was going to college and wanted to know what I was studying! At this point my words came back to tell him that was weird and yes, very stalker-ish. What else do you say to your self-proclaimed stalker? Thank you? That’s such a lovely notion, I should make you aware I love tea sets from foreign countries and Blueberry vodka and lemonades just in case google didn’t tell you?

I am truly not sure if I should be flattered he would use my private information in the pharmacy database to google me and look at my Facebook or if I should be concerned. Then again concern seems appropriate because he had to tell me that he was stalking me. That right there proves he’s a bit crazy and wanted to make me aware that he is stalking me so he can have credit for all of his hard work in playing super sleuth.

Don’t worry, I googled me too and didn’t see anything really interesting or damning, but that’s definitely not the point! Oh, and I have to go back by the pharmacy again to pick up MY pills! Wish me luck.


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