Hurricanes and Life Altering Tests


So it’s been a super busy week-ish. My week is probably more like everyone else’s 2 weeks. I never have any actual idea of time for normal people so we will say its been a busy week. No one walks around saying “Gosh Linda, I have had the most ridiculous 18 days in history”. A week just sounds better.

So this last week has been filled with studying like a crazed person for this life defining test and getting ready for that massive hurricane that just stopped by over the last couple of days. We will start with the studying… I have completed 3,427 (exactly) prep questions for this massive test that no one knows exactly will be on it. RIGHT! Sounds fabulous, and super easy to study for, said no one ever. This test is the make it or break it of all nurses and determines if you will practice or not. So, about 1 million, five hundred and forty-two questions later I think I might be ready enough to go and sit for this exam and still fail. WooHoo!!

The Hurricane during the studying. So we have this hurricane coming and now I need supplies. In other words I need lots of Raspberry Zinger Tea, pumpkin spice donuts, and almonds. Matt needs coffee (a specific super special kind) and creamer. The tiny needs milk and probably something random he will decide upon in the midst of the storm just to be sure we can’t buy it ahead of time to prevent the giant meltdown I am sure he has premeditated just for my viewing pleasure. So, I get all of the above supplies minus the random unknown item and add in other random things to prevent the meltdown like Gatorade, water, chocolate syrup for the milk, and cheetos. I also purchased a million candles because I am not dumb enough to think i’ll keep power nor am I dumb enough to want to sit in the dark all night with a toddler. We are now ready to weather any storm!

The day before the storm: TEST DAY! We stayed in the hotel the night before, and I walk in not one bit prepared to take this test on Saturday at 0800. I walk out again at 1000 and I am 100% sure I have failed in 75 questions (which is the minimum, 265 is the max). FUCKING FABULOUS! Let’s go home and deal with the hurricane that is coming!

Hurricane synopsis: We ate all the hurricane food. Lost power during the day and regained it in the evening. There was no damage to the house or vehicles. No meltdowns occurred because we let the toddler eat all of the melting ice cream all day. Ice cream for the win!

Test Synopsis: I was still sure I failed. Cried a bit. Waited from Saturday at 1000 to Monday at 1300 and paid $7 for early results (because the people aren’t in to put up the results due to the hurricane), and I PASSED!!!!! That’s right, I am officially a NURSE!!!

The moral of the story: I am honestly not sure right now, but I’m a legit NURSE!


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