Yay for being a nurse…now I have to go to work (OMG, WHY HAVE I DONE THIS?). Tomorrow is my first day, and I am super nervous, anxious, and a teeny bit scared. I haven’t had a job in FOREVER. Alright more like 6-7 years. Either way, you get a license in something and apparently you actually have to use it (or so Matt tells me).


I may die. I am pretty sure that is a solid possibility. Death during orientation. Let’s be sure that gets put in my obituary should this come to fruition. If I don’t die tomorrow then I will have to keep going back. Matt will love that!

Here is what I need from you – Wish me luck that I don’t die tomorrow, or embarrass myself, or start talking/rambling. Let’s hope I can either be quiet or just fit in for the orientation week. Either way just wish me luck and I’ll update tomorrow evening on how the day went and if I did or did not die.


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