Who turned the water off?!?!?


After posting last night the fun really started. I went to flush the toilet and lo and behold the pee went down but no water followed. What the hell? What happened to the water? MATT!!!! We have no water!

So poor Matt had to wake up and tell me that the water line had frozen and proceed to fixed it. Then Turned on the faucet to drip all night and bam we have water again. Then comes this morning….

It’s sunny, but still cold, which is totally deceiving. Once again I try to use the water, and NOTHING happens. NO water. Alright, I got this. I go do what Matt did. Nothing happens. Still no water. Crap!! It’s frozen. Here is a picture of the water line and the icicles clinging to the camper.

Call Matt. “Who turned off the faucet?” He asks. It was the big kid, she thought he left the water on by accident (thankfully it wasn’t me this time!). Ooops, poor kid is from Florida too so we have no clue.

So looks like showering is out. Gonna have to wait for Matt to come home and fix the frozen hose and give us the blessing of water once again. I’m pretty sure this hot mess is my new winter look.

Behold the glory of Montana!


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