Tiny house/camper living is for single people


I know tiny houses are all the rage right now. I’m going to tell you this stuff is for the birds. It’s a big sham. Trust me, I’m living this “dream”.

We are currently calling our 33 ft camper home until we can buy a house here in Montana. Now this sounded like a solid and awesome plan until the reality of space, privacy, tidiness, and an early Montana winter hit. Now in this 33 ft camper are Matt, myself, a teenager, a small child, and 3 dogs. Not an ideal situation after all. I will admit when this was considered I totally forgot about the dog component. NEVER AGAIN!

Space. Lets talk about the fact that we have very little space. We are always within a couple feet of each other unless we leave (Damn you Matt and your fancy job allowing you to escape!). Now if you are a cuddle person, a clinger, or someone who needs to be within touching distance of another person this would be ideal living for you. Not so much for this girl.

Now let’s just think about this, you are within a couple feet of one another and combine it with using the bathroom. If you like to listen to your beloved in the bathroom or are one of those weird couples that likes to keep the door open to chat no matter what bodily function the other is doing, this life could possibly be for you. We are NOT that kind of couple/family. I love you, but I don’t need to listen to you pooping under any circumstances and anything we need to talk about can wait. Unless serious medical assistance is needed you are on your own in that bathroom, and even then it might be iffy.

Privacy. We covered the bathroom and the lack of privacy there. Getting dressed is a bit tricky with the small space and a teen daughter. Thankfully she is a modest teen and wants to hide to get dressed. Us adults face the same modesty issues. The little guy will just strip anywhere and zero f*cks are given on his part (good for you buddy!). Let’s just say it can make for a very awkward situation.

Privacy for sex you ask? NONE. Yep, there it is. If you are the type of person that does’t need privacy or are living alone, this is very likely the life for you!

Tidiness. My favorite topic. My need for order, organization, and tidiness/cleanliness is going absolutely nuts. There is only kind of a place for everything to go because everything in here has to be multipurpose. This is difficult. Everything gets spread everywhere and everything is pure chaos. My thoughts daily are as follows:

  • OMG, this place is disgusting!
  • Doesn’t this bother anyone else?
  • Everyone GET OUT!
  • That’s it, just burn it down. BURN IT DOWN! Problem solved!

Not only is everything messy but the dogs…..damned dogs. Why do we have dogs? Who in the hell wanted all of these dogs? I’m not going to answer that, let’s just move on. The dogs bring in the snow/ice and mud, spill food and water, and there is hair on everything, EVERYTHING. If you are a messy person or thrive in chaos and clutter, this life may be for you!!

The early Montana weather also threw a wrench in the works. I wasn’t counting on snow and ice. The dogs bring it in on dirty paws. We all bring it in on our shoes and pants. The hoses freeze and we lose water. Making sure it’s warm enough. Layers of clothing have to be put on and shed in this tiny space with no privacy. Well, you get it. Unexpected chaos.

Now, I fully feel that this tiny house/camper living thing would be alright if you are single /divorced or it’s just you and your significant other. No one else, period. Preferably with no pets, maybe just a cat (but then you have to figure out the litter box situation, yuck!) or something caged. If your mind just went where mine did, don’t think I haven’t thought about caging the dogs/kids/husband but apparently that’s frowned upon in all 50 states. You can’t cage people but a bird might be okay in a tiny house. I’ll let you pick what you want to cage in your own tiny home.

That wraps up this ramble from Racheal and there is my take on this tiny house movement. It might be the perfect situation for some, but I will tell you that it is not the perfect situation for this girl. Thankfully it’s not forever and will provide a whole lot of laughs for all of us in the years to come.


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