As posted on Facebook


For the people in the back (aka not friends with me on FB), this was my post on Facebook.

With how ridiculous my life is right now I think I should take up blogging…..

Topics to include: tiny house/camper living is for single people, moving across the country without a clue, funny things said by us, homeschooling by this idiot, tripping over farting dogs, no shave November means survival in Montana, and many more.

Whatcha think?

So, now I shall commence (slowly) with discussing each topic suggested by yours truly.

You’re welcome!

Back to blogging? Maybe


It’s been a hot minute. Sorry blog. I am afraid I am not the best at consistency. I have a tendency to start things and then abandon them randomly. Thankfully I don’t do this to my children (right!!).

So long story short, life has become insane and I have decided it’s time to start writing down all the funny again. Plus I quit my job and have a whole lot more free time to do the blogging. Get ready for all of my shenanigans once again!