I’m so excited that I just can’t not write about it!


We all know by now how extremely random my life can be. Yesterday night I received an e-mail from my previous real estate agent asking if any of my neighbors wanted to sell their houses. Well, let’s be honest, I don’t know my neighbors or if they want to move. what I do know is that I hate my house and I am more than happy to get rid of it and get a new one. Hell, burning it down is even an option. You know what I mean?

I hate this house. It is just too much and I don’t have time for it. I need a change.

It has been decided between me, the husband, and real estate agent that we are going to sell this house. It will officially be on the market within the next day or so and pictures and a listing will be put up in about 2 weeks! This gives me time to clean, fix shit, put stuff in storage to reduce clutter, and sell unwanted stuff before people come traipsing through.

I have also found a couple of houses on Zillow that I plan to ask to see. EEEEEeeeeeeKKKKKKKK!!!! I love looking at houses. All the newness!!! I am so excited! Come on new house!!!


Computer Recommended.


I totally laughed when I opened my e-mail today. You will not believe this. A couple of days ago I applied for a position as a test question writer for shits and giggles. I mean, it came up as recommended for me and I figured maybe the computer was on to something. Couldn’t hurt right? So I applied.

One of the questions in the application was about test question writing experience. Y’all, I was honest! I told them I had no experience writing test questions, but had plenty of experience answering test questions. PLENTY! Another part of the application required me to write a couple test questions and rationales. Not to brag, but I know a bit about test questions and rationales.

So I submit my application and forget about the whole thing. They would never hire me.

Come home today and check my e-mail. Well what do you know, they freaking send me a contract to work for them!!! They want me to write some test questions for other people to freak out about and stress over for the rest of eternity. Yes, sign me right on up.

So looks like I am a student, home school mom, wife, PRN nurse, and test question writer. I cannot believe this. I mean why not right? This could be a whole lot of fun!

P.S. – My exam/test question subject is science for anyone wondering.


I am ridiculous!


Why? Why do I constantly do this to myself?!?! WHO NEEDS THIS MUCH EDUCATION?

Me, apparently the answer is me.

I should probably quit. I tell myself this every day. I should stop stressing myself and dragging myself through the ditches of the education system. I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life (the schools’ not mine). I could continue being a successful person just as I am now!

Or maybe I should just keep going. This is the last degree. No more after this. It will be enough. Maybe…