Boobs Should Get Their Own Chapter!


Why on earth would anyone not give boobs their own chapter? I mean seriously, they are a big deal. Am I the only one who thinks highly of the ta ta’s?

In this lovely book (insert total sarcasm there) I’m reading for my maternal child class, they have lumped the jugs in with the vagina and STI’s. STI is sexually transmitted infection formerly known as sexually transmitted disease. Why the change? I have no fucking clue. I guess they just like to confuse us all with unwanted changes. Anywho, back to my point here.

The dirty pillows should not be placed in with infections. They are sacred people! We cannot expect this greatness to only be covered in a few pages which only list the things that could possibly go wrong with the fun bags. This is a crying shame.

I may need to write a strongly worded letter to the authors.

That’s the update for the moment,


P.S. – My book also states that: Anal-genital intercourse, anal-oral contact, and anal-digital activity are high risk sexual behaviors and should be avoided. IN THE SAME chapter as the sweater stretchers. You’re welcome for that little tid bit.