Paying to Feel Poor


Who pays to feel poor? This girl! Who vacations in a cabin without a stove/oven, a scary bathroom that the little doesn’t want to use, and walls that aren’t finished? That’s right, this girl. This was a vacation that will not soon be forgotten. Let me show you what I mean.

IMG_3402Scary bathroom IMG_3404stoveless kitchen IMG_3403Unfinished walls IMG_3405Master “bedroom”IMG_34082nd bedroom

See what I mean? I am also 100% sure the electrical was not up to code and that goodness we didn’t all go up in flames.

I know you noticed the microwave on one of the bedroom floors. Why? because there was no three prong plugs anywhere in the “cabin” besides the bathroom and that bedroom. Yay for microwaving in the bedroom, because no one wants to microwave in the bathroom right? Although this would be handy to make popcorn while pooing to cover the noise and smell (Thank you Amanda for that little contribution to this blog!

Also, who doesn’t have a stove? How do you cook? Okay so there was a hot plate that only worked on half of it so you could kind of cook as long as you only wanted half of it cooked in its entirety.

Oh!! I almost forgot! The shower…wait for it….while showering eat time I had to holler for the husband to come plunge the toilet so that the water would drain and not flood the bathroom. Sounds like fun right? Poor husband couldn’t go very far when I was showering so he could be on call for the mid-shower plunge.

It was a disaster. In essence I totally paid a whole bunch of money to feel poor.


Messed up


Conversation with Matt from 5 minutes ago at the gas station in someplace in Michigan:

Matt: I got you this French vanilla cappuccino, and if you don't like it I got you this.

Me: What if I do like the French vanilla?

Matt: Then you can have both.

Me: Okay, cause you made it sound like I could only have it if I hated the French vanilla (which we both know I like).

Matt: Nope, try it.

Me: (happily takes a sip knowing I can have both cups) Oh! It's pumpkin spice!

Matt: Stares at me like I'm dumb

Me: isn't it? (Hath my taste buds deceived me? Is that possible? Am I wrong? No!)

Matt: (Smiles) Yep, pumpkin spice!

Who the hell does that to someone?



Dear blog,

I know I'm an asshole and totally flaked for the last year. Buuuut I need to start taking notes on my life again so, tag you're it!